Garlic Butter Prawns with Lee Kum Kee Premium Light Soy Sauce

2 people
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Credit: Lee Kum Kee UK
  1. 1). Add the Shaoxing rice wine to the prawns and stir well, while you prepare the ingredients.
  2. 2). In a wok on a medium heat, add the cooking oil and butter, then the spring onions and garlic.
  3. 3). Stir-fry for 30 seconds until fragrant, then add the prawns, Lee Kum Kee Premium Light and Dark Soy Sauces, and the water. Stir-fry the prawns, turning them over frequently until pink and thoroughly cooked. This could take around 3-4 minutes, depending on how large your prawns are.
  4. 4). Serve with steamed rice and Choi Sum drizzled with Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce.
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