Pork Belly with Garlic and Seasoned Soy Sauce

4 people
00h 10
00h 35
Credit: Lee Kum Kee UK
  1. 1). Add water in the pot (enough to cover the pork belly), then add spring onion and ginger. When the water boils, add pork belly and boil until it is cooked through.
  2. 2). Soak the pork belly in cold water for 20 minutes after turning off the heat.
  3. 3). Take out the pork belly and drain. Cut into large pieces.
  4. 4). Wash cucumber and cut into thin slices, place cucumber and spring onions on the pork belly slice and set the plate.
  5. 4). Drizzle garlic and seasoning sauce mixture on the meat.

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