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White Radish (Each)

Tofu King Medium Firm Bean curd 600g

Oyster Mushroom (pack)

Fresh Asia Chive & Mushroom 450g

Enoki Mushrooms 200g

White Shimeji Mushrooms 150g

Brown Shimeji Mushrooms 150g

Yuquan Konnyaku Vermicelli 380g

Chinese Leaves (Each)

Samlip Frozen Udon 5x240g

TCT Vegetarian Shrimp 300g

TCT Vegetarian Bacon Ham 500g

Haidilao Hot Pot Soup Bade Broth 110g

*If there's any items not availble due to stock, we will replace with like for like replacement with a different brand.

**If you have any allergies please let us know in the checkout notes and we'll replace like for like if possible. Thank you

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